Why Incenter Insurance Solutions?

Our lives have become so complicated.  Therefore, so have our insurance needs.  (If yours aren’t, that’s a red flag.)

The Incenter culture is all about solving problems and coming up with new and different insurance options that no one else is willing to tackle.  It takes too much time and energy.  It’s too hard.

Of course, when you do it all the time like we do; when it’s your passion and motivation, it’s not hard at all.  In fact, it’s fun.

“I never wanted to be the reason someone leaves.”  
— Tom Price, President, Incenter Insurance Solutions

Like many successful ideas, Incenter Insurance Solutions sprang from a deep sense of frustration.  Incenter Insurance Solutions president Tom Price simply couldn’t stand having to say ‘no’ to a client when he knew full well there had to be a solution.


Craig Eagleson

Craig Eagleson

President / Chief Revenue Officer
CJ Sicilia

CJ Sicilia

Director, Insurance Technology Operations