Art Muti

Producing Sales Manager - Commercial Lines

Specialties: Home, Life & Auto
Why do you love what you do? I love insurance because it protects people’s assets which, next to your health, is so important to your quality of life. Insurance is also required by law for auto and required to get a mortgage, so it’s recession resistant.

I believe in Incenter because of the people I work with. We’re all hard at work, we help each other, we enjoy helping clients, we have fun – we’re a great team. Our leaders have excellent vision and sincerely care about us. We have multiple carriers to choose from so we always have a strong solution for our client that we can recommend and feel good about. As I continue to succeed, Incenter is providing me with a future where I can grow, prosper, and take on more responsibilities. There’s never a lack of need or a slow day.